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“Ginger” Robert Tonner’s 3D-printed Doll

Opens Thursday, August 19th @ 12:00pm (noon)
Ends Sunday, August 22nd @ 4:30pm (EDT)

Proceeds from the silent auction will be
used to advance NIADA’s mission to promote
the art of the original, handmade doll.

Watch Robert’s video program showing the steps used to create
this 3D-printed doll as part of the NIADA 2021 Virtual Conference.

INFO ABOUT THE NIADA 2021 Virtual Conference

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ROBERT TONNER: Ginger, 3D Printed doll

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  • Location: New York, USA

Robert Tonner's 3D printed Doll "Ginger", was modeled in ZBrush, a digital sculpting program. She was created by Robert for his NIADA 2021 Virtual Conference program “3D Design and Doll Making”. Robert has generously donated the finished 3D doll as a fundraiser benefitting NIADA's mission. The doll is truly one-of-a-kind, 3D printed in resin and hand-painted by Robert.

Dimension: Doll is 10"h
List of materials: Made of 3D printed resin and jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips. Hand-painted. She has a Saran wig.
Edition: One-of-a-kind


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Robert Tonner

Sculptor, Character Designer
Robert Tonner’s early interest in creating immaculately detailed drawings led to a career in fashion. After graduating from Parsons School of Design, Tonner was hired by Bill Blass to design his Sportswear line, Blassport. Throughout his 7th Avenue career, Tonner’s spin on modern American dressing continually caught the eye of the fashion world’s trend-spotters—his designs were frequently featured in Women’s Wear Daily, Town & Country, New York Magazine, the New York Times and Vogue.

Tonner’s long-time fascination with sculpting and doll art inspired him to try his hand at sculpting original figures. In 1988, Tonner was asked to join the elite National Institute of American Doll Artists (NIADA). During the years that followed, Tonner turned more of his attention to developing and perfecting his doll designs, eventually leaving 7th Avenue to start the Robert Tonner Doll Company, Inc. in 1991.

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Tonner’s initial recognition came from many proprietary characters with their rich backstories and highly detailed clothing and accessories. This recognition resulted in product being sold in some of the most exclusive retail stores in the world, such as FAO Schwarz, Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods in London, just to name a few.

However, it wasn’t just his own character designs that gained notoriety. His interest in modern pop-culture resulted in numerous licensing agreements with some of the world’s top companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, DC, Sony and many more. Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, Twilight, Avatar, Superman, Spider-Man and Snoopy are just a few of the many characters that Tonner has brought to life in doll form.

The Tonner Doll Company has, over the years, been a generous supporter of various charitable causes with time, product and financial support for charities such as AmFAR, A Friends House, the SPCA, Health Alliance Hospital and Action on Addiction, among many others.

Tonner Doll Company currently offers a selection of licensed products with extensive distribution. With Robert Tonner’s newest venture, Phyn & Aero, he’s entered the realm of digital art. For the past few years Robert has studied zBrush—a digital sculpting program. As of 2016, he no longer uses traditional methods to sculpt. Robert feels that he’s creating some of his most successful work with this new medium.

Elected in 1988
President 1995-1997
Location: New York, USA

Contact: info@roberttonnerdesign.com
Website: roberttonnerdesign.com/
Shapeways: r-tonner-design
Social: Instagram